Catalonia’s Referendum: Puigdemont Proclaims Victory

By Helen Mukoro Idisi – October 2, 2017

President Mariano Rajoy did not falter in his affirmation that the referendum – which was suspended by the Spanish constitutional court – is illicit. Rajoy not having turned into a fundamental piece of the Spanish democratic system dribbles with unfaithfulness and goes ahead outside effective governance. Rajoy’s laws on Catalonia Referendum, go unnoticed on the grounds that nobody recognizes them as real since his degenerate executives and political party wraps just the rich, combined with one-sided courts, and feeble human rights are a characteristic result of such conditions.

In clamorous scenes that spun the world over on a damaged polls day, Sunday, cops in revolt equip in Catalonia were seen beating and shooting elastic projectiles into voters as they lined at polling stations. Catalan medical authorities said 900 individuals had been injured in the conflicts, including 33 police. 2.26 million Catalonians partook in the polls.

The abstention rate was 58%. Catalonia’s administration, Jordi Turull said. That speaks to a turnout of 42.3 percent of Catalonia’s 5.34 million voters. The preliminary outcomes of the illegal referendum give authority for the Catalan’s leader, Carles Puigdemont, to proclaim autonomy in 48 hours. Prior to the outcomes were reported, Puigdemont said he would keep his vow to announce freedom singularly inside 48 hours if the “Yes” side won the polls.

Rajoy has undermined the handiness of the Catalonia conventional institutional frameworks and her significance to the Spanish economy (33% GDP), debilitating endeavors by the Catalonia’s legislature to build strong overseeing bodies by forcing a high tax exclusively on the locale and a dowager’s wage compensation consequently. The net outcome is Catalonia taken off with low levels of relational trust in Spain and requested for autonomy. Rajoy could be depicted as a bad leader to Spain, he has failed to create wealth or expanding national notoriety, but rather a political fracture in the country, and it straightforwardly encroaches on Rajoy’s capacity to cultivate the positive institutional condition important to support Spanish wealthiest locale in profitable financial, political, and social conduct.

Prior to the outcomes were reported, Puigdemont said he would keep his vow to announce freedom singularly within 48 hours of the vote if the “Yes” side won the polls.

Rajoy’s tenure is an unsuccessful Presidency for not consolidating the utilization of regional characters, regional capacities, and regional institutions to advance Spain. Rajoy’s dysfunctional governance undermine these indigenous resources. As a result, Rajoy’s useless and uncouth leadership can’t use the Catalonian’ histories and traditions to develop powerful formal organizations and relationship with wide authenticity; nor can Rajoy draw on the social capital implanted in cohesive group to encourage economic, political, and social intercourse; and nor is Rajoy ready to utilize the customary representing abilities to run the issues of Catalonia.

More than 750,000 votes couldn’t be tallied on the grounds that polling stations were shut and urns were appropriated, as Officers from the national police and paramilitary Civil Guard – a military power accused of police obligations, seized voting cards and boxes at polling stations to stop them from voting. A Catalan representative said.

Puigdemont, said in a broadcast declaration, that the people of Catalonia had “won the privilege to an autonomous state’ ‘With this day of expectation and endurance, the residents of Catalonia have won the privilege to a free state in the frame a republic.”

Spain’s justice minister, Rafaela Catalá, cautioned that any affirmation of freedom could prompt article 155 of the nation’s constitution being summoned which enables the national government to intercede in the running of an independent locale.

A terrible governance that debilitates a fragile Spain can be traced to President Mariano Rajoy’s unpresidential coercive actions, his government from the Spanish society, and his political party and elites from poor residents. And that have mixed to leap Catalonia’s determined search to detach from Spain.


Helen Mukoro Idisi is a Spanish politician, author, journalist, scriptwriter, administrator, legal adviser, proprietor of HMI Documentary Media and presidential candidate, 2016 Spanish general elections.