Catalonia’s Referendum: Rajoy’s Maladroit Legacy

By Helen Mukoro Idisi – October 1, 2017

Catalonia’s Referendum unquestionably is President Mariano Rajoy’s memorable terrible heritage, of all the presidential way to fizzle, he is moving through the advance of each State. The rational soundness, of the high tax, forced solely on Catalonia is questionable.

The clodhopping and lacking of clarity of Rajoy’s policies and his political party has driven a bash of state-perpetrated wounds. The outcome, strangely, is this most pugnaciously troublesome situation of the nation, bringing together a thriving coalition of an assorted, offended resistance in Catalonia and different States in Spain.

Rajoy has taken the Spanish unpresidential control to new lows. Without a doubt, Rajoy communicates how a deceitful degenerate political party glories in all that it can whirl unscathed. He is plainly a political toxin to Spain, in the event that Rajoy didn’t have a clue, requesting a political Goliath from President Donald Trump, a remote power against a little area in Spain, this demonstrates the “Spanish Robinson Crusoe leader” the father of cluelessness.

Rajoy aimlessly overlooks why the greater part of the Catalonia people who are jobless won’t offer him a reprieve. When voters raised Rajoy to a two-term administration, they longed for positive, great changes in his second term of presidency.

His default has dependably been the exploited slack, perpetually whimpering are reasonable and responsible for the State of Catalonia seeking for independence. Rajoy has turned into a political Cassanova variant of a president, who is lethargic and confused.

Why this unfit blunderer actuates such a great amount of antagonistic vibe by forcing a high tax solely on the State and the people of Catalonia, at an early stage and still on, Rajoy positively, credit to the unwavering, unintimidated President Carles Puigdemont for negating his awkward, constant political aggression on the wealthiest locale of Spain.

Catalonia produces a reasonable 33% of Spanish GDP but gets a scanty compensation in return.

Rajoy’s corrupt executives parade how unjustifiable and coldblooded is Partido Popular who request the bring down of taxes and amnesty for scores of extremely rich people while the not well nourished, poorly housed kids without restorative access endure in Catalonia and Spain.

The future advantages of Rajoy’s cluelessness and this differing nation remain in place, urged by a stirred people, learn never again to cultivate an unmindful, careless man whose inept abilities repudiate all thoughts of enormity in Spanish administration.


Helen Mukoro Idisi is a Spanish politician, author, journalist, scriptwriter, administrator, legal adviser, proprietor of HMI Documentary Media and presidential candidate, 2016 Spanish general elections.