Helen Mukoro Idisi: President UN Women, Spain

By UN Women, NC, Spain

The Spanish National Committee for United Nations Women is delighted to announce that we are the voice of the UN Women in Spain and Helen Mukoro Idisi is our President.

The Spanish government has granted Mukoro Idisi the authority to represent the Committee as the president, in support of the UN Women’s work to promote women’s empowerment and gender equality.

“We are glad to have Helen as President of our Committee. She brings to the UN Women NC, Spain, a big experience in governance and strategic planning and a dedication to gender justice and promoting women’s management”, said Joseph Espasa, Administrative Director of the National Committee for United Nations Women, Spain.

Mukoro Idisi’s involvement with gender equality started in 1990 during her time at the Women Affairs Department at Delta State Governor’s Office, Nigeria, where she worked as an Agricultural Officer, she organized workshops and contributed to an agricultural campaign for women in rural areas launched by the Executive Secretary in response to a decrease in funding that helped to raise awareness. In addition, she was expected to be knowledgeable and familiar with key policymakers in different areas.

Of her leadership as president, Mukoro Idisi said, “I am especially excited to head the UN Women NC, Spain as President in time to celebrate the unprecedented accomplishments of ladies around the world and in our own country.”

“I look forward to developing and restoring our sense of duty regarding gender equality and making progress toward a universe of consideration and equivalent open door to all women.”

”Through my international as well as my domestic experiences, I believe I could bring fresh ideas along with this knowledge while serving as the President of the UN Women NC, Spain”.

Mukoro Idisi has worked in both social change agencies and international politics. She made history when her political party stood her as a candidate for the 2016 Spanish General Elections in the province of Teruel. She said ´´This was a huge dream come true as I became the first Spanish of African descent to contest in an election as a presidential candidate in Spain´´ “I had the opportunity to coordinate negotiations among social groups, politicians and business executives in Spain over complex political, social and economic matters”.

Additionally, she is the president of the African Europe Chamber of Commerce. ”Oftentimes, this involved negotiations with other groups where an agreement had to be met on a strict timetable”, she said

Mukoro is the President and founder of Union de Todos, an official political party in Spain, and she became the first European of African descent to form and float a political party in Spain and Europe, she said ”I am authorized by the Spanish government to represent my political party nationally and internationally for the benefit of Spain on political, social, economic and administrative affairs”.

At Planned Immigration, Helen is the president of the African Europe In The Diaspora. She served at the International Redcross Society as a Legal Adviser, she said ”I was working at the Redcross to evaluate and draft reactions of immigrants to changes in Spanish Immigration policy”

In addition to her experience and personal qualities, Mukoro, a Spanish politician, community and wealth manager, journalist, legal and financial adviser, and an author of many books, has a solid educational foundation and for international work. She is confident that her experience will be a positive aspect of the UN Women NC, Spain.