Why Kanu’s Rumble Was Matched With Fire

By Helen Mukoro Idisi – September 27, 2017

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of a non-existing nation called Biafra is vigorously grasping a poisonous type of messianic Igbo patriotism while disparaging the individuals who contradict his hazard as zoo leaders, and Biafra adversaries. His “I Will Burn Nigeria to fiery debris” and ”I have sworn in our Biafra Army and Biafra Security Service” serenade is making serious national strain, advancing radicalism – inside and outside Nigeria – and he has undermined the strength of the Nigerian Armed Forces that he has so relentlessly promised to overcome.

Kanu appears to be resolved to actualize unlawful strategies and practices that could flag the debilitating of majority rule government in the Igbo States, he said ”There will be no governorship elections in Anambra State”, and perhaps even herald the beginning of despotism. His program to order the Igbos to get back home for the fight to come, and to prohibit every Northern Fulani from Biafra land is illustrative of a backward and unsafe viewpoint.

Kanu is hazardously misusing the disappointment of natives with the political establishment in the Igbo States, which is remarkable in its profundity and broadness. The umbilical line that connects those representing in the Igbo States with those administered in the Igbo States is winding up hazardously stressed. The advanced upheaval is supplying Kanu with shocking capacities on Social Media for oppression and disrespect of Nigerians and the control of the Igbos, however, it is additionally upgrading the capacity of the Federal Government to mount, demonstrate her strength and assemble the Armed Forces.

The Preamble to the UN Charter reads “we the peoples” – not I, Kanu, the leader of an illicit and non-existing Biafra state! The trust of individuals in their Igbo State governments to work for social and financial advance and to forestall war has drastically debilitated, if not vanished. These Igbo state governors saw Kanu’s decimation coming, yet as opposed to averting it, they gave him space in various areas to assemble the Igbos and to spread his illicit crusade, and to enlist an illegal Biafran Army and a Biafran Security Service with the sole expect to devote to psychological oppression exercises

In fact, Kanu wandered around uninhibitedly in Igbo land, he gave a stay-at-home order, with the point of demonstrating his strength and to risk the country’s economy, lacking admiration for the national and global law or the authority of the UN and Nigeria.

Kanu is likewise the real exporter of despise and savagery, encouraging unlawful orders and as a dealer of death, requested the Igbos to kick the bucket for him and many have passed on for him.

The Kanu rash chaos, as far as anyone knows being pursued against Buhari and the Hausa Fulanis has typically crumbled into a progression of Kanu’s terrible fierce blazes and butcher. His ravenousness and preparation for war on Nigeria have prompted the demise of Biafrans that ought to never have happened, neither the civil war in Nigeria led by his mentor “Ojukwu” have brought peace or stability, but a progression of unspeakable ordeals of human suffering in Nigeria and Igbo States. Old abhor by Ojukwu have been amplified while new ones have been made by Kanu.

Shrewd Igbo leaders ought to react by looking for a quick realignment of national relations with a promise to the advancement of standards of union, participation, and trade. The target would be another national request in light of common advantage, manageability, reasonability and also a neutralizing ethos in Biafra.

The Nigerian Security Council is the most important venue for making such an endeavor happen. It is here that strategy or diplomacy happens in a national setting. The essential objective stays to prevent the rise of rambles like Kanu whose aim is to promote chaos in Nigeria and to supplant the powers of governors in the Igbo States.


Helen Mukoro Idisi is a Spanish politician, author, journalist, scriptwriter, administrator, legal adviser, proprietor of HMI Documentary Media and presidential candidate, 2016 Spanish general elections.