By Helen Mukoro Idisi – June 22, 2017

Helen Mukoro Idisi is a Spanish politician, author, journalist, scriptwriter, administrator, legal adviser, proprietor of HMI Documentary Media and presidential candidate, 2016 Spanish general elections. All rights reserved.

On the off chance that you think Odimegwu Ojukwu and Adolf Hitler were awful leaders, at that point you’re exaggerating their capacity. They were genuinely frightful.

While Ojukwu’s rashness finally caught up with him, Hitler believed he could do no wrong. The big mistake that Hitler made was invading Russia and trusting it would be a rosy walk. His policies caused the deaths of a great many Germans who had confided in him. Hitler’s proper part in the war was political and financial, both of which he failed totally. His most serious issue was that he began to trust he was powerful and faultless, and it cost him everything.

Nigerians don’t typically think about the Odimegwu Ojukwu of Biafra as a leader. He planned and led the civil war for personal gain, that is precisely what he was. Like Hitler, Ojukwu’s operation was managed by him, again like Hitler, he hand-picked incompetents known for their dedication to him than for their combat zone ability.

By one means or another, Ojukwu turned into a legend to the Igbos because of this monstrous memories. He went on Igbo speaking tours the rest of his life—searching for followers and manipulating them, demonstrating the old aphorism that Igbos tend to respect their defeats more than their triumphs.

Does Ojukwu merit such respect? Find out from the millions of Nigerians who passed on as a result of him and a large number of Nigerians he cruelly butchered.

At the Battle, Nigerians experienced Ojukwu troops like a beef production line, pulling up on millions of casualties before it was all over. Obviously, today such personality would result in the immediate hanging of the offending clown, however, things were distinctive in those days. Actually, Ojukwu would keep on being seen by Nigerians as a force of chaos for the rest of their lives and even as the worst of his cruel war.

While leaders on either side amid war, falls off looking great to the Nazi or Biafra, what makes none of them stand out is their seeming lack of concern to the massacre and an unwillingness to take the hard lessons and outcomes required to battle a war

Warlords tend to manage with an iron clench hand, they don’t generally believe in democratic values, they execute individuals spontaneously, and they rule by viciousness and savage drive. Ojukwu and Hitler were preferably better as evil war-time and tumultuous tyrants than as leaders.