Helen Mukoro Idisi makes history as the first Monarch of African diaspora

By Jill Bates – February 18, 2018

A Nigerian born Spanish woman has made another history by becoming the first African in the diaspora to form and float the Royal Kingdom and Aristocracy of Africans in the Diaspora

Helen Mukoro Idisi, born in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, made history when she declared the African diaspora as the independent Sixth Region of Africa in 2018 and created it as a Kingdom. She also made history in 2016 when her political party, Union de Todos, stood her to run as a presidential candidate in the Spanish General Elections.

She said: “The Kingdom denotes an imperative history for me, as the first African in the diaspora to form a diaspora government that will offer identity to the lost foot, the basic actuality is, verifiably, the African diaspora family lines have lost their rights to aristocratic titles. The definition of the African diaspora is just a hypothesis, our genetic aristocracy is that hypothesis set in motion”.

“As many people know, the Kingdom is likewise a critical point of reference to Africans in the diaspora, the most vital reason of making this Kingdom is spoken to in the way that the global legitimacy whereupon this government has grounded her superstructure rises up out of the 169 million Africans in the diaspora societal, religious and historical heritage of the ancient traditional African history and eminence.

“I trust that today, Africans in the diaspora can see that paying little mind to their background, legacy or confidence, there is a Kingdom that will be a customary place to welcome them – and regardless of where they are from, they can accomplish their dreams and desire in the diaspora”.

“I am excited to be the Monarch and the Commander-in-Chief of the Kingdom, Her Majesty Queen Helen the First, which is striving to energize the African customary and social diversity in the diaspora. I’m eager to realize that I will have the capacity to meet heads of various government on the open doors and difficulties this new role will bring.”

The Crown Prince, HRH Richard of African diaspora said: “The Kingdom gives a conventional African identity to the lost foot that was subjugated and to safeguard the privileges of Africans who emigrated willfully from the continent various who are abused abroad and their particular nations and the African Union have stayed quieted over the mauling of Africans in the diaspora”